Who are We?

Well it is more a matter of who am I!

Currently viewaround.co.uk is a one man business – I am Roger and whilst I may sometimes bring an assistant with me on the shoots, all the photography and processing is done by me so you are guaranteed a consistent standard of results.


What Do We Take Panoramas Of?

There aren’t really many limits.

Indoors, outdoors, hotels, museums, cottages, guest houses, shops, pubs, restaurants, stadiums, building sites or even your private home are all fine for us as long as we have reasonable and safe access to the site.


How Do We Take The Panoramas?

We use a standard SLR camera mounted on a specialist panoramic head on a tripod.

This is used to take multiple photographs which are then stitched together using special software to produce a single image which includes views in all directions.


How Are The Panoramas Displayed?

For most devices, the display is done through a web browser using either Adobe Flash Player which will already be installed on the vast majority of computers, or HTML5 where the browser supports it.

For  iPads and other Apple devices and increasingly Android devices, HTML5 is used to render the panorama in the browser.

The vast majority of devices are supported – if you can see and interact with the panoramas on this site, the same will apply to any panoramas we deliver for display on your own site.