How to get your free Google+ Local Page for your business

I have already spoken about why you should create a Google+ Local page for your business, the next question is how do you create one?

First things first – you need a Google account. If you have Gmail or any other Google product, you already have one of these, but you might also want to think about creating a separate account to manage your Google+ listing (your choice). To create your Google account, go to and follow the instructions there.

Now, back to creating that Google+ Local page. If your business has been around for a while, you might actually already have one! It will, however, just be a stub with little information.

The easiest way to check this is to go to Google Maps then in the search box, enter the name and postcode of your business. If your business appears, you already have a page.

If a page exists, all you need to do is verify your ownership of it, then you will be able to manage it. To do this, click on your business name, or the pin marker on the map, then select “More Info” from the pop up box. On this page you should see a section marked “Is this Your business?”, and a button to manage the page. Click on that button and follow the instructions. Google will then normally send a postcard to your business with a PIN on it to verify that you are really the owner, after which you will have full control of the page.

If you can’t find a page for your business, you need to create one.

Full instructions on how to do that are available at

Don’t forget, creating a Google+ Local page for your business is free, and it really is the best way to ensure your business is seen on Google Maps, Google Search and whenever anyone uses a smartphone to search for your type of business in their area.

If you are in the Liverpool or Merseyside areas and need a hand with any of this, feel free to give me a call. I won’t charge you for my help, although I won’t deny I might try and sell you a nice Google Business Photos Virtual Tour of your business which would look amazing on your new page.